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Industry: Banking Sector

Seamless Migration and Virtualization for Enhanced Database Performance

A renowned corporation in Germany approached the IT consulting firm with challenges related to aging hardware, suboptimal database performance, a desire to adopt virtualization, and a need to migrate their Oracle databases from Windows Server to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) for improved stability and cost savings


Increase in overall business


Increase in customer satisfaction


Reduction in transportation costs

Client Overview

Our client, a leading multinational corporation, faced challenges with their existing IT infrastructure. Their systems were running on aging hardware, and they were looking to streamline operations, improve scalability, and enhance the performance of their critical Oracle databases. To address these concerns, they sought the expertise of our IT consulting firm.

Project Challenges

BaryTech Solution

We executed a robust IT solution, featuring state-of-the-art server hardware with RAID 10 for data integrity, Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization for efficient resource allocation, and a seamless migration of Oracle databases to RHEL VMs, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for XYZ Corporation’s applications.

Server Hardware and RAID Configuration

We began by recommending and procuring state-of-the-art server hardware, which included redundancy for enhanced reliability. RAID 10 was configured to ensure data integrity and fast read/write operations. The hardware was designed to accommodate future expansion.

Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization

Microsoft Hyper-V was selected as the virtualization platform. We set up Hyper-V on the new servers and configured them for optimal performance, making sure that resources were efficiently allocated to the virtual machines (VMs).

Linux (RHEL) VMs for Databases

We created multiple RHEL-based virtual machines to host Oracle databases. These VMs were optimized for database performance, with separate disks for data, log files, and backups.

Oracle Database 19c Installation and Preparation

Oracle Database 19c was installed on the RHEL VMs, and we conducted necessary pre-installation tasks, including setting up Oracle user accounts, directories, and networking configurations.

Cross-Platform Oracle Database Migration

We carefully planned and executed the migration of Oracle databases from Windows Server to RHEL. This involved data export, transformation, and import to ensure a smooth transition. We also conducted extensive testing to guarantee data integrity.

Application Configuration and Testing

The client’s applications were configured to connect to the newly migrated Oracle databases. Rigorous testing was performed to validate the connectivity, data consistency, and overall system performance.



Enhanced Performance

The new hardware and virtualization led to a significant improvement in database performance, resulting in faster query response times and increased productivity.


With the virtualized infrastructure, the client was able to easily scale their resources to accommodate future growth.

Platform Migration Savings

Migrating to RHEL saved the client on licensing costs and provided a more stable database environment.

Data Security and Integrity

The migration process was executed seamlessly, ensuring data integrity and minimal downtime.

Improved Reliability

Redundant hardware and RAID configurations enhanced system reliability, reducing the risk of data loss.

The successful migration of databases from Windows to Linux, coupled with virtualization and hardware enhancements, significantly improved our client’s IT infrastructure, paving the way for future growth and efficiency.

Working with BaryTech has been a game-changer for us. The transition from our aging hardware to the new virtualized environment was seamless. The database migration from Windows to Linux went off without a hitch, and our performance improvements have been remarkable. We couldn't be happier with the results, and we look forward to continued collaboration with this skilled and dedicated team.
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